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About Us

Muslim Unity Day was started by a group of young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who put together the first Muslim Unity Day event in 2005 at California’s Great America in Santa Clara, CA. Approximately 4,000 people attended the event. Now, Muslim Unity Day, also known as MUD, is held every year.

The MUD team consists of the following members:


MUD was an idea that was introduced by Asma Mangrio, who believes in the need of having a day of fun at a local amusement park where everyone can put aside their differences and come together to have a great time and get to know each other. Thus, the first MUD event was hosted in 2005 at Great America. Aamir Waheed is a technologist and an entrepreneur who works for a technology company in the Bay Area. Asma graduated from UC Davis, where she was the president of MSA. She is a nutritionist who gives seminars about healthy living at non-profit organizations. She is an active member of the West Valley Muslim Association and volunteers at the weekend Islamic school.


Roohi has been living in the Bay Area her whole life and have been a part of MUD since 2010. She’s currently attending college studying finance while living with her family in Santa Clara. She is working in banking and volunteers at the local masjids.

Why did Roohi join the MUD Team? This is Roohi in her own words, “I’ve been volunteering for MUD for a few years and decided to take it a step further and help plan the whole event so I could help make it better and more enjoyable for those who attend, as well as educational for non-Muslims”.

sahra mahad 2

My name is Sahra (Samira) Mahad. I go to De Anza College and getting ready to transfer to Cal State East Bay for Business Administration and Human Resources. I was born In Somalia but raised in San Jose, California. I volunteer at Silicon Valley Islamic Center and MUD. I teach Islamic studies to little kids, do Halaqa for young girls and also help out with other community activities. I play basketball when I have a chance, like having quality time with my family and just enjoying the moment. I joined the MUD team because I have attended MUD every year and I’m grateful to be able to help others understand how this event has so much to offer to the community members.


Orooj Wajahat is an undergraduate student studying biology at San Jose State University. She was born in the East Coast, but grew up in Northern California. She has been actively volunteering at East Bay Muslim Youth Council in San Ramon. She played a key role in building and running the MSA at her high school. Currently, she is an active member of the Sisters’ Committee at San Jose State University.

Why did Orooj join the MUD Team? This is Orooj in her own words, “Growing up in the Bay Area, I have always enjoyed attending MUD every year with my family and friends. I was very fortunate to have found an opportunity to be part of the MUD planning team. This event has so much to offer to the community members of all ages and all of us look forward to it every year.”


Shamsa Mohamed was born and raised in Northern California. She graduated from Everest College and worked as a medical assistant for a few years. She is now pursuing her bachelor’s in sociology and in psychology and plans to get her MSW and work as a social worker. She has volunteered for several organizations such as the American Red Cross, Kaiser Permanente, and John Muir Medical Hospital. She has also volunteered at a local masjid as a teacher for the weekend Islamic school.

Why did Shamsa join the MUD Team? This is Shamsa in her own words, “I have joined the MUD team because it is one of the most respected and well-run organizations in the Bay Area. I feel honored to join an organization that has a great cause in bringing people of all origins together.”

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