Golden Gate Gyro Halal Truck

Here are some reviews from Yelp:

Posted June, 2018:
Golden Gate Gyro offers a flavor packed meal with generous portions, I love this truck. Not only was the food on point but these guys care about there customers.

I enjoyed and recommend the Chicken and a Lamb rice plate, from the top to the bottom these plates start you out looking at a jungle of flavor, half the plate topped with boneless marinated chicken or lamb, I think you could even get both. held in place by a lightly dressed cucumber salad. Holding them both up is a bed of semi firm fragrant rice, some of the best rice ive ever had, i dont know what they got going on but it couldnt compliment this barrage of flavors any better.

Just when you think theres nothing left to be surprised by or nothing that can make your day the thrill factor of culinary adventure can grill, sizzle, and fry its way in to your life and this truck is no exception, thank you guys.

Posted Feb, 2018:
Wow! A food truck with amazing gyros. Off the Grid and Taste of the World struck gold!

After seeing them at Off the Grid and Taste of the World I finally had them. No regrets on ordering the Mixed Gyro. Oh mah! Chicken and Lamb into one gyro.

The owner of the trailer is so awesome. I told him I was going to do a Yelp review which I am doing at this moment while I am giving my honest review.

Golden Gate Gyro does great business at Off the Grid and Taste of the World. I have seen people that love their food. I do see this food truck doing more markets.

I will definitely come back to this trailer to order another gyro.