Gyro 2 Go Halal Truck

Here are some reviews from Yelp:

Posted on April, 2018:
Gyro 2 Go? How about I want some mo’! I first tried this place out at their Sac State location and always look for their little red cart when there is a food truck event going on! Their food is straight up comforting and awesome! If I could eat this everyday I totally would! I usually get the chicken over rice (seasoned chicken, rice, and salad) with tzatziki and spicy sriracha sauce. I always ask for extra, EXTRA sauces! I have also ordered their gyro too and it was fresh (packed with veggies) and hearty. Their portions are nice and big and packed full of flavor. Feels like you’re eating pretty healthy too! Without a doubt, I will always eat here when I have the option too.

Posted on June, 2018:
I have been coming to this place almost once a week for over a year now and I think it’s one of the best gyro places. Their white sauce is amazing. One of the best I’ve had. They’re always nice. I even catered from them for my party and the food was great. Everyone loved it. Highly recommend.

Posted on July, 2017:
I try this place every Thursday at the Farmers Market on Capitol Mall downtown. I get the spicy Gyro sandwich. This is hands down the best Gyro in Sacramento. There is something about their Gyros that stand apart from all the other places. Not sure what it is but keep doing it. You found the perfect combination of ingredients that keep your lines very long and you are doing amazing business all around the Sac area. Keep it up Gyro 2 Go! I will be back Thursday if I can stand the wait in the hot sun.