Congratulations for the huge MUD success, time is requiring us to be united in all aspects.

— M. Iqbal, Sacramento

Congratulations on a successful event at MUD @ Six Flags. May Allah reward you and your team for bringing the community together in a fun and exciting ways. I was not able to go this time but my family did and they had a blast. Let me know if I can be of any help in the future. Again, great effort and may Allah reward you and the team with the best. Wassalam, Bassam The Crescent Newspaper

— The Crescent Newspaper

I would like to thank you in return for allowing us to be involved and table. Muslim Unity Day is an important event for the Muslim community and Narika is glad to have had the opportunity to attend. Please inform us of any future events and outreach possibilities. Jazak Allah khair

— Rima Chaudry
Program Manager - Outreach & Volunteer Services Narika

On behalf of MeccaOne I wanted to congratulate the organizers/volunteers for their efforts in putting together Muslim Unity Day. The turn out was great! It didn't take me very long to realize how much work went into the planning once I arrived at the park. I'm sure there were challenges throughout the planning process, but take a moment to pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Jazakallah for all of your efforts. May all of you be rewarded for your noble intentions.

— Nizam Ali
Chief Financial Officer MeccaOne Media

I just wanted to say that Last Sunday at Great America was Masha'Allah a very successful event! I made a point to ask various people (almost all of whom I have never met before) what they thought of the event. EVERYONE said they loved the idea! The idea of having Muslim strength and unity at a single location. Especially for the young sisters who recently started wearing hijaab (Masha'Allah), this type of event is particularly important. This one sister told me that she was hesitant to start wearing hijaab due to teasing and backlash, however now she feels comfortable after seeing thousands of Muslim sisters all wearing hijaab; all in one place. Until then, I never thought of it in that way, but now I can see how "unity" helps each of us in our own faith!

— Hassan Mirza
Fremont, CA

Congratulations on a job well done.This was a great forum for the kids.My kids enjoyed the program as well as the rides. For a Muslim event, it was indeed a well planned event.

— Lubna Hasnain

The event was fun and well organized. Congratulations on a job well done.

— Ejaz Naqvi
Islamic Center of Zehra Milpitas, CA

Thank you very much for organizing the day and please convey my thanks to everyone who made it possible. I personally was very happy to be there among sisters and brothers and it was very well organized. At our PCRF booth we made quite a few contacts with people and added a good number to our database so we can contact them when we bring children over for medical treatment. So it was also a successful event from that aspect. I look forward to doing it again next year inshallah.

— Dina Aburous
PCRF (Palestinian Children's Relief Fund)

On behalf of the SVIC Board of Directors, we would like thank you for your tireless efforts in ensuring the SVIC crew was comfortable and well taken care of. We truly appreciate your personal attention in assisting us and providing your sincere advice. Thank you for providing us an excellent location in the Pavilion. Su and I personally feel that the location provided us an excellent way to bring awareness to our project.

— Su and Mikael Pittam
SVIC (South Valley Islamic Community) Outreach

I just had to take a moment and say, JOB WELL DONE, to you and your staff. I did not make it last year but heard so much about it that I just had to make duaa and the intention to go this year. By His mercy, I was able to bring myself, my wife, and our three sons. The price was great....something we could afford. I thought the vendor's were good and the private area was nice. It felt soooo special to walk around all day and see thobes, kufi's, long beards, and hijab's. It showed the world that yes, we Muslims can also have a good time, laugh, and even scream on rides :) .....great job and I do look forward to next year.....inshaAllah.

— Rashid bin Quadir
Sacramento, CA

Jazakum Allah kheir all for an awesome job, this was "the" Bay Area Muslim event of the year masha-Allah and it was so good seeing thousands of Muslims in one place. May Allah give you the rewards for bringing people together.

— Edgard Sammour
MCA (Muslim Community Association)

NISA participated in Muslim Unity Day held at Great America Amusement Park on Sep 25th. Many thanks to Reshma for her active involvement as NISA rep & for being in charge of the Children's program. Much appreciation and thanks to the organizers of the event for a huge turnout and peaceful day.

— NISA (North-American Islamic Shelter for the Abused)